Why is recording blocked on some web pages when I use the Vidbeyond Chrome extension?

Author: Uyen 172 views

You may find that when you open the Vidbeyond browser extension, you cannot screen record. Commonly, this happens whenever you open a new browser tab.

This is because web browsers (like Google Chrome) block recording on some views within your browser, like opening a new tab. Recording is blocked because:

  • The view is not an actual webpage (e.g., the “new tab” page).
  • The view contains information that the browser does not want you to record easily (e.g., your browser settings).

How to solve the problem?

You need to start from a webpage that allows you to record.

Step 1: Go to a different webpage (for example, enter vidbeyond.com into the address bar).

Step 2: Open the browser extension again to record a video.

Step 1 & 2
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