Using cursor settings to click on the screen during the recording

Author: Uyen 172 views

Another feature of the Vidbeyond extension is customizing the cursor during the recording to help viewers follow your instructions better.

Steps to custom the cursor during the recording:

Step 1: Open the Vidbeyond browser extension to start a new screen recording.

Step 2: Select the cursor icon from the recording controls at the bottom left of the screen. There are 3 options for you to select (you can choose more than one):

  • Highlight clicks: Once you click on the screen, the red dot will appear where the cursor is.
Highlight clicks
  • Highlight cursors: The whole screen will be darkened. The highlighted circle will move along with the cursor.
Highlight cursors
  • Hide cursors: The cursor will be hidden when it’s inactive. 
Hide cursors

Now you can click anywhere within the browser window. Hope you will enjoy the experience!