How to move your camera bubble and change its size

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Did you know that you can move or change the size of your camera bubble when recording your screen with Vidbeyond? 

Your camera is added to a screen recording whenever you select the Screen + CameraorDesktop option from the Vidbeyond chrome extension.

Expand the size of your camera bubble

Either before or during a screen recording, you can expand and collapse your camera bubble to change its size.

Move the mouse pointer to your camera bubble, then click the circles at the bottom of your camera bubble to either expand or collapse.

Small bubble

Medium bubble

Large bubble

Expanding your camera bubble is ideal if you want to easily transition between sharing your screen and focusing attention on yourself as the presenter (for example, in an introduction or wrap-up to the video).

Move your camera bubble

Sometimes, your camera bubble might block a part of the screen that you want to show your viewers during the recording. You can move the camera bubble by clicking and dragging it around.

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