How to customize your thumbnail

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To customize your thumbnail, firstly, you select the “Edit Video” button below the video.

Edit Video button

 After clicking on the “Edit Video” button, you will choose the button “Thumbnail” in the bottom toolbar. There is a pop-up window where you can select your custom or default thumbnail.

Thumbnail button

Then, in “Default options” you can choose the “Image” option or the “GIF” one. Vidbeyond will automatically resize the thumbnail to fit the video.

In “Custom Thumbnail”, You can choose  either upload the thumbnail from your computer or choose it from the video.

Custom Thumbnail option
Upload Image from Computer

If you choose “Select from Video”, follow these 2 steps to apply the thumbnail:

Step 1: Select the type of thumbnail you want (either Image or GIF).

  • With Image: Move the slider bar to select a frame from the video timeline.
Image thumbnail
  • With GIF thumbnail: Click and drag the bars at either end of the video to frame the section that you want to turn into a .gif.
GIF Thumbnail

Step 2 : Click “Select” to apply the thumbnail. The thumbnail will be saved automatically.