How to change your video thumbnail

Author: Uyen 188 views

If you want to update the current video thumbnail, you can easily change it on Vidbeyond platform with these simple steps:

Step 1: Select the video you want to change its thumbnail.

Step 2: Select the the “Edit” button below the video

Edit window

Step 3: Select the “Thumbnail” button and if you want to have a default thumbnail already chosen by Vidbeyond, you can choose “Default” option.

Default Option

Or you can add a new thumbnail from your device by clicking on the “Custom Thumbnail” button below the video. Then, you choose to upload the thumbnail from your computer or choose it from the video.

Custom Option

To have a better understanding, read more about how to customize your thumbnail or how to edit a video and choose a thumbnail for a video.

After selecting the new thumbnail, it will be automatically saved. Now you have finished changing your video thumbnail.