What is in Vidbeyond’s analytics?

Author: Uyen 233 views

Analytics dashboard plays a major role in refining company processes and campaigns, better identifying customers and their needs, and recognizing emergent trends.

What you can review in Vidbeyond’s analytics?

Vidbeyond provides you an overview of your videos in a project in terms of views, reactions, and comments in a specific timeframe, with the ability to choose different time frames according to your needs

Overview of your Project’s Videos

Scroll down, you can see the top viewed videos with information including:

  • Video titles of the project.
  • The total views, reactions, comments and shares of each video.
  • The “Download report” button to download the report to your computer.
  • The “Expand” button below to review the full report.

Below this report, you can see 2 circle graphs:

  • The left one shows you which channels people are on to watch your videos (Facebook, LinkedIn, Zalo, etc.) 
  • While the graph on the right demonstrates the types of devices people use to watch your videos (smartphone, computer, etc.) 

You can select a specific video from the list to read its analytics only:

  • The total reactions, comments and views of that video in a specific timeframe (you can choose different time frames by clicking on the options above on the right).
  • You can also see your videos’ popularity from over the world.
  • The 4 circle charts below show the channels, types of devices and browsers, systems people have used to watch the video.

There is a report below with the information, including:

  • Time: The date and time that they started watching your video.
  • Action: The views, comments or reactions to your video.
  • Content: What are in the audiences’ comments and what were their reactions.
  • Duration: How long they stay watching to your video?
  • The “Download report” button above to download a full report to read it more in-depth.
  • Browsers and platform: kind of browsers and platform they use for watching video