How to capture system or browser audio when r

When you record a video with Vidbeyond, the primary source of audio comes from your

Delete a video from your library.

You can delete videos on Vidbeyond just in a few seconds. Firstly, find the video

How to duplicate a video?

With the Vidbeyond platform, you can duplicate your video quickly. Firstly, choose the video you

Pause, resume or restart your recording.

During the process of recording by the “screen-recording” feature of Vidbeyond, you may need to

Change the microphone and camera you use to r

If you want to use a separate, external camera or microphone other than the default

How to use Vidbeyond for the first time?

This video gives you a brief introduction to Vidbeyond, including the essential features of the

How to send video messages via Zalo, FB, Link

The steps of how to send a video message via social channels (Zalo, Facebook, Linked

How to send a video email with a thumbnail?

You can send a video email with an animated thumbnail quickly with Vidbeyond. In this

How to edit a video and choose a thumbnail fo

You can edit your video such as trim, edit the name, and have 4 options

How to make a virtual presentation/guideline

Make a lively virtual presentation with camera and screen recording on Vidbeyond.  You can follow